Le Tresor de Marina caché à Santaikos

L'appartement situé au 6 de la rue 26 à PLENTO Kaunas cache le trésor de Marina. Des bagues, des pierreries, des boucles d'oreille, des bracelets en or, des diamants et des perles d'une valeur de 500 000 euros avec diverses médailles en or et en argent.

Since ONE full year (2019) Marina give no one new from her. No letter, no phone, no email.Nothing else. Her last news were "i back home for ever" what home blin?. It means tomb. Even the lituanian registruosa said "she is living because not yet registered with the dead people. It is like Armandine Locard case, killed in Paris at 5 chabrol Street 17 of july 1921 by her lover, and not registered till march 2016 on her birthplace. Error of register, amnesia.

Marina got use, with help a rich russian couple (Natalia and Victor) to sell herbs (cannabis and marijuana) from swiss (free) to kaunas (forbidden) packaged in medicinal bags. During ten years. She bought flats in kaunas to rent, and of course rings, earings, jewells in gold, silver, diamonds, pearls and so on. total value up to euros 500 000. more than 100 pieces.

All hidden at g 26-6 PLENTO LT45400 KAUNAS

This flat actually empty of people living there. The treasure is on the main bedroom hidden in a box.

The flat is connected with police station of Panemunès Komissaratas by an alarm signal. For that reason it is better to cut electricty before entering in the flat when you already localised the last stair where  the flat is. Nobody will go there. From one full year this flat is empty

As all lituanian people Marina liked drinking alcohol too much. You will also find there some bottles of red wine, cognac, white Martini, brandy you can take with you, and her numeric cameras too.